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Summit Basketball Club

Crafting Champions & Cultivating Character


My name is Matt McLeod, and I want to introduce you to Summit Basketball Club: a place where passion meets Purpose, and where we are dedicated to producing exceptional basketball players and well-rounded individuals.

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About Summit Basketball Club

Simply put, Summit Basketball Club is devoted to taking a strategic, long-term approach to a player's basketball development. 


This model is designed to provide a structured and systematic approach to developing athletes. Taking this approach during the elementary and middle school years is instrumental in shaping a sustainable and impactful athletic journey. 


In the initial stages, the focus is on introducing fundamental movement skills and fostering a genuine passion for the game. As players progress, the developmental emphasis expands to encompass a wider range of skills, teamwork, and basic strategic understanding. By embracing this holistic approach, players are not only able to focus on refining technical abilities but also the cultivation of essential life skills. 


This comprehensive method, rooted in preparation and not solely in playing games, ensures that younger athletes not only excel in basketball but also develop qualities such as discipline and perseverance, establishing the foundation for a fulfilling and enduring connection with the sport. 


While this approach is not as easy to find in the AAU/club basketball world, it's an approach that's deeply believed in at the highest levels. 


CLICK HERE  to take a look at the Long-Term Athlete Development plan that was produced by USA Basketball.

Our Core Values

As a long-time successful coach and basketball trainer, I firmly believe in a holistic approach to basketball development, focusing on core values that go beyond the court and into life. Summit BC is built upon the foundation of six core values:

1. Faith

Summit is a faith-based basketball program, placing God at the core of our program.


This includes:

  • Nurturing a player's spiritual growth and helping them find their identity in the Lord.

  • Creating a shared sense of purpose with their teammates through their faith.

  • Having team devotionals and other opportunities for players to grow in their walk with the Lord.



2. Skill Development & Decision Making

Skills and decisions go hand in hand to maximize a player's basketball performance.


This includes:

  • Focusing on a  mastery of the fundamental skills of basketball, including shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense.

  • Understanding of proper footwork, body positioning, and mechanics for each skill.

  • Improving players' decision making by applying skills to the context of real-game scenarios.




3. Mental Toughness

Basketball is as much a mental game as it is physical.


This includes:

  • Building resilience, concentration, and the ability to perform under pressure.

  • Helping players develop a strong mindset that extends beyond the court.

  • Developing a player's mistake response and helping them consistently perform in peak state.




4. Consistent Effort

Hard work is the cornerstone of success.


This includes:

  • Instilling the core values of dedication, discipline, and consistent effort.

  • Recognizing that hard work is the foundation of success both on and off the court.

  • Integrating faith as a source of endurance and determination in the pursuit of excellence.




5. Motivation & Positivity

Proper motivation and a positive mindset can make all the difference in a player's development.


This includes:

  • Inspiring players to push their limits and work hard to improve.

  • Building a positive, supportive and encouraging environment for both training and competitions.

  • Crafting an intentional culture that's rooted in faith to enhance personal and team growth in order to build lasting friendships through shared experiences on and off the court.




6. Leadership Development

Summit is committed to developing leaders.


This includes:

  • Recognizing the importance of leadership in sports and life.

  • Providing activities and guidance to develop confident and influential leaders.

  • Integrating faith as a guiding principle for leadership qualities.

The 2024 Spring Season

This spring Summit BC will be offering three boys' basketball teams: a 4th/5th grade team, a 7th/8th grade team, and a 9th grade team. The focus for both teams will be on the necessary development so they are prepared to make an immediate impact on their high school teams. It will be a three month season from March through May.


  • Two practices per week (one skills-based session, and one centered on team concepts & strategies).

  • Two tournaments: A season kickoff tournament in late March, and a final tournament at the end of May.

  • Saturday league play from April 5 through May 18.

  • Every player will be provided with two uniforms and team bag.

  • All games & tournaments will be played in the OKC Metro area.


Note: There will also be a Summit summer season (June-August), and those who play in the spring will have first access to spot on the summer roster.

About Matt

A highly decorated and nationally respected coach, Matt has changed the lives of thousands of players and coaches through his work as a basketball coach and leadership development specialist. During his 14 years as a high school head coach in Texas and Oklahoma, Matt amassed 324 total wins and was recognized three times as the Outstanding Coach of the Year by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches. Matt stepped away from ... 

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