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If you’re serious about growing in the game of basketball on and off the court, you're in the right place! Let's connect and journey together.

Chat with Matt by booking a free 30 minute consultation. 

Additional Ways to Connect with Matt...

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Get to know me better & check out the additional content  and resources on this website.  

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Fill out the connect form and let's start our journey together!

What They're Saying About Matt

"I would highly recommend Matt as a mentor and coach. His hands-on help and wisdom were directly connected to our team having the most successful season in school history!

Matt thought out of the box, came up with great ideas, and was the guide I needed to help me identify and implement exactly what our team needed.


Matt's advice and support have been invaluable, and there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner."

- Stephen Mawire
Head Coach Fort Worth Christian,
2020-21 Texas 5A TAPPS Runner Up

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What They're Saying About Matt...


I’ve never seen anything like what Matt does. It is something very special. It’s more than just making you a better basketball player, it’s about making you a better person.

Enes Kanter, Center, Boston Celtics

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