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Programs I've Worked With

Check out some of the teams from across the country that I've spent time working with ...

John Bell_edited.jpg

John Bell
Avery High School (TX)

It was a tremendous experience as a coach. Matt provided great content and instruction. He changed the way I will view the film room and the way I will teach my players.

fort worth christian15.jpeg

Stephen Mawire
Fort Worth Christian (TX)

I would highly recommend Matt as a mentor and coach. His hands-on help and wisdom were directly connected to our team having the most successful season in school history!​ He thought out of the box, came up with great ideas, and was the guide I needed. Matt's advice and support have been invaluable, and there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner.


Seth Potter
Delano High School

Matt coached one of my players (Kaden), and Matt had a huge impact on him. Kaden is one of the better players in our area and has always done a good job of the physical aspects of the game but has struggled with the leadership and mental side of things. After working with Matt, he couldn’t stop talking about is massive improvement on those things. Thanks you, Matt, for your impact on him. He’s a special kid and you really unlocked a desire to work on those aspects.

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