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Are You Ready to ...

I'm here to help coaches and players level up and become their best self.

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My Mission is to...

support, serve, empower, and inspire coaches,

players, leaders, and teams on their journey to becoming their best self.


I'm here to help you LEVEL UP as you win more games, find more success, be more confident, and feel more fulfilled both on and off the court.

My commitment is to you and your development.

Let's start journeying together!

Are you ready to LEVEL UP with me?

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Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a former basketball coach and athletic director, who's now looking for ways to serve coaches, athletes, and teams all across the US and the world. This is where I could list a bunch of "important" info about me, or list all the "successful" things I've done, but I really want you to know is that I'm committed to helping you on your journey - from where you are right now to where you want to go.

I've been fortunate to work with coaches, players, and teams all across the country and at all levels - from middle school to the NBA. Regardless of an individual's or team's level, I am committed to helping others overcome setbacks and disappointment to achieve the greatness that’s inside of them.

As you visit my website, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!

Matt McLeod

What People Say ...

Enes (Kanter) Freedom
Former NBA Player

I’ve never seen anything like what Matt does. It is something very special. It’s more than just making you a better basketball player, it’s about making you a better person.

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Karli Rucker
Northern Illinois Women's Basketball

Matt is an incredible leader and teacher. In the time I spent with him, Matt communicated everything with great energy and care.


Todd Kaunitz
Parent of Athlete

Matt's influence on my daughter Makenna is more than you could recognize. She has grown as a leader, she works harder and has been developing skills she could have not developed apart from his investment. Rarely a week that goes by that we don’t talk about Coach Matt. Not to mention the shooting improvement she has made! 


I'd love to hear from you!

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