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The Secret to Mental Toughness

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

100% of basketball players know to be their best, they have to train their game. Many players take it a step further and train their bodies, but very few players take the time to intentionally train their minds.

That's why the "secret" to mental toughness is so simple. It's all about practice!

You see, being a mentally tough player comes down to two things: the ability to 1) control your attitude in tough situations, and 2) improve it. Your attitude will define who you are as a player, so you must be aware of it at all times and focus on who you want to be.

Just like getting physically fit doesn’t happen after one workout, developing your attitude takes time to develop as well. You can learn strategies and exercises that can change your thoughts and feelings in the ways you want.

Just like Albert Einstein once said: "Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

Here are three quick, daily keys to improving your attitude:

1. Express gratitude.

  • Gratitude is your solution to anger and fear

  • It's impossible to be upset and thankful at the same time.

2. Clear the air.

  • Intentionally get quiet with yourself for 10 minutes each day.

  • This will lower your stress and improve your brain function.

3. Read inspirational quotes.

  • It will energize you and prompt you to take action.

  • A timely burst of wisdom will help refocus your mind.

Practice these three things throughout this week. I guarantee you'll find yourself immediately more mentally tough!


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