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The Importance of Identity

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I've got a question for every player and coach reading this blog.

When an opposing coach or player thinks about you, what are the first 2-3 words that come to their mind?

Not the words we want or hope they will think, mind you, but what actually goes through their mind. Typically those moments will go one of two ways.

It could be words we'd like: Tough. Shooter. Playmaker. Hard-nosed. Amazing teammate. Great schemer. Always prepared. Great basketball mind.

Or, they could think of words that would make us cringe: Lazy. Not a threat. Selfish. Always yelling. All about themselves. Doesn't care about their players.

How we show up on a daily basis determines the identity we're known by. What are you going to do today to level up your identity in the minds of your opponents?

Don't miss this great video from Coach LeVelle Moton. He's the head coach at North Carolina Central, and a great follow on Twitter!


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