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The Deep Three Newsletter Archive

Missed out on previous editions of The Deep Three? Not to worry! We've got your back. Scroll below and you'll find a link to all previous newsletters.

The Deep Three | April 8th, 2022
Three Rules to Level Up This Off-Season​

The Deep Three | March 22nd, 2022
A Lesson from Saint Peter's, Chris Paul on Watching Film, & My Favorite Shooting Drill

The Deep Three | March 8th, 2022
Non-Negotiables to Becoming a Great Shooter, Drills for the Off-Season, & Don't Quit Before The Turn

The Deep Three | March 2nd, 2022 
Thoughts on Sacrifice, A Must-Have Offensive Skill, & Redefining Success.

The Deep Three | February 22nd, 2022
3 Ways to Extend Your Range, Sleep & Nutrition Matter, & What are YOU Focused on?

The Deep Three | February 13th, 2022
Thoughts on Priorities, Basketball Strong, & Finishing the Season Well

The Deep Three | February 8th, 2022 
Leading Different Types of People, Improve Playmaking with Stride Stops, & I Hope You Fail

The Deep Three | February 1st, 2022
The Ball has Energy, Making Better Transition Decisions, & 4 Ways to Handle Injuries

The Deep Three | January 26th, 2022
Great Shots > Good Shots, Mental Toughness, & Upgrading Your Offense 

The Deep Three | January 18th, 2022
Dealing with Distractions & Setbacks, Improving Your Offense, & Loving the Crew

The Deep Three | December 16th, 2021
Players Aren't Made in the Offseason, Secret to Mental Toughness, & Importance of Identity

The Deep Three | December 1st, 2021
Great Shooters Forget Misses, Working Hard vs. Competing, & Defining Rebounding Roles

The Deep Three | November 24th, 2021
Shot Selection, Dribbling is Overrated, & Becoming a Culture Keeper

The Deep Three | November 18th, 2021
Controlling The Controllables, Body Language Matters, & How Competition Builds Culture

The Deep Three | November 10, 2021
Getting Ready for Your Season, Play of the Week, & Steve Kerr on Being a Sports Parent

The Deep Three | November 3, 2021
Thoughts on Leadership, Redefining Success, & Constructive Ways to Push Your Kids

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