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John Bell
Avery High School

It was a tremendous experience as a coach. Matt provided great content and instruction. He changed the way I will view the film room and the way I will teach my players.

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Stephen Mawire
Fort Worth Christian

I would highly recommend Matt as a mentor and coach. His hands-on help and wisdom were directly connected to our team having the most successful season in school history!​ He thought out of the box, came up with great ideas, and was the guide I needed. Matt's advice and support have been invaluable, and there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner.


Seth Potter
Delano High School

Matt McLeod is offering coaches a service that I have seen nowhere else. It is the opportunity to completely personalize how they want to improve, with check-ins and constant feedback throughout the process. His background gives him a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to work with coaches on anything basketball or life-related. It is the best commitment I have made toward becoming a better teacher and coach of the game.

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