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In-Season Cohorts
Level up your game by joining a Matt McLeod-led cohort.

This is an in-season game changer! Join a community with Matt and other coaches or players for a four-week cohort to level up in a specific area and develop a personalized, in-season plan to make this your best year yet!

Join a December Cohort!

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In-Season Offensive Development

Regardless of your team's offensive system, maximizing its efficiency is a must-have during the season for any coach. But with such limited time in practice and so many other things to cover, how can you actually do it?  Join Matt for this four-week cohort and learn how to streamline and simplify your team's execution, both as a team and as individuals.


This cohort also includes additional weekly access to Matt for film breakdowns of your team.

Cohort Dates & Times

Wednesday, December 8th | 8:15 pm CST

Sunday, December 12th | 6:00 pm CST

Sunday, December 19th | 6:00 pm CST

Wednesday, December 29th | 6:00 pm CST

Making the Most of Your Current Season

Every player deals with highs and lows during the course of their basketball season. But what is it about the most successful players that allow them to continue to improve during the season and peak at the right time? Join this four-week cohort as Matt unlocks those secrets while also helping you build a personalized plan for in-season skill development.


This cohort also includes additional weekly access to Matt for individual film breakdown.

Cohort Dates & Times

Thursday, December 9th | 7:00 pm CST

Thursday, December 16th | 7:00 pm CST​

Thursday, December 23rd | 7:00 pm CST​

Thursday, December 30th | 7:00pm CST

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