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Bring Matt in to work
directly with your team

In addition to working with you or your team virtually, you can bring Matt on-campus to work directly with your team or to host a camp/clinic at your school. 

Have questions? Send an email to get the answers you need by clicking here.

Camps and Clinics With Matt

Local Schools & AAU Programs

Live in Oklahoma or North Texas?  You're in luck! Local schools and AAU programs have the opportunity to bring Matt in with additional discounts. We can tailor your experience to a single practice, full-day, or multiple days. Options exist for clinics/camps as well. 

To get rates specific rates to your team/program, simply click here and shoot me an email!


Team & Program Clinics

Great coaches understand that players are made year-round. Give your team an edge this year with a personalized clinic either before, during, or after your season.


All clinics will be personalized to the specific needs and desires of your team/program. Clinics can be done over a one-, two-, or three-day period. The total cost will be dependant upon clinic length.  

To get clinic rates specific rates to your team/program, simply click here and shoot me an email!


Weekend & Week-Long Camps

Grow the game in your area by bringing Matt in to host a weekend or week-long camp at your school/facility. With Matt's profit-sharing model, these camps are also a great opportunity to raise additional funds for your team/program!

To learn more about this option, click here.


If you're still unsure of which service would be right for you,

book a free 30-minute individual consultation with Matt

What They're Saying About Matt


I’ve never seen anything like what Matt does. It is something very special. It’s more than just making you a better basketball player, it’s about making you a better person.

Enes Kanter, Center, Boston Celtics

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